Why Be A Maker Club

where makers help makers

no 3d printer

Physical Facility Not Required

We provide access to remote fabrication if you do not have access to 3D printer, Laser Engraver or CNC machines.

Award Winning Pedagogy​

Award Winning Pedagogy

Based on the pioneering work of Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Sugata Mitra, and Sal Khan.

Student Driven

Student Driven

Students always work on their own ideas. Helping them make what they want is key to our learning experience.

No Pre-Requisites

No Pre-Requisites

We can help anyone learn to 3D print. Language, technical ability or age notwithstanding.

Our first innovation is our pedagogy.​

We designed it to be student-led and it works.

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of our students said they had fun

Our pedagogy is academically validated

Standardized test scores are the most apparent indicator of success, but they may never accurately capture how making affects student achievement. Making is more about the process—through design thinking, project-based learning and the development of 21st century skills—that helps to prepare students for life outside of the classroom.

Based on the pioneering work of Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Sugata Mitra, and Sal Khan, we developed an innovative student-led pedagogy process for making. Putting ideas front and center in the learning journey is the most important part of the making experience at Be A Maker Club. We believe that our learners remain excited about making because they have agency over their learning process.

In 2019, we were awarded a fellowship by the Kravis Lab for Social Impact at Claremont McKenna College. Working with their team of educators and researchers, we conducted primary research which found that 86% of our student expressed enthusiasm for learning STEAM subjects after attend a makerspace class with Be A Maker Club.


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