Bring 3D printing to your classroom without any challenges


Bring 3D printing to your classroom

We are here for busy teachers. You can harness the power of 3D printing without any technical knowledge required. The learning resources on our platform are ready to go, completely on demand for small group or school wide activities.

Do what you do best - TEACH.
Leave the rest to us.

Bring 3D printing to your classroom without worrying about the challenges of handling machines. Use our 3D printing platform to enhance your in-class education and after-school enrichment activities.


Set up a STEAM Lab or Makerspace

Our online platform provides an on-demand makerspace resource for your school. Get started without having to invest in machines, buildings, or teacher training. Get a site-wide license to use our learning management system and pay-per-use for 3D printing.

No capital investment, teacher training or maintenance required

Our platform provides learning resources for creating 3D models, coding, and remote fabrication on a site-wide and per use basis. Get everything needed to get your STEAM lab or makerspace up and running without any capital purchases. 

How it works?

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your makerspace started now

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Your on-demand makerspace

Use our online infrastructure to enable S.T.E.A.M. learning

We built our cloud infrastructure to deliver all the parts of a makerspace – learning, technical help, and fabrication – for remote delivery. Developing curriculum, training teachers, and then managing 3D printers for multiple students, all takes capital, time, and effort. School districts can use our online infrastructure to save money and get started with making right away.

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