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We make it easy

  • We are really excited to help new makers get started with CAD (computer aided design) and 3D printing.
  • No prior experience is required. Anyone can learn to 3D print.
  • We have helped thousands of new users design and make with 3D printers.

So what is this club?​

Since 2018, we have worked with nearly 4,000+ new makers and want to help more new users start making. We are enabling this by addressing 2 key issues with our Club membership:

1) Easy access to 3D printers

2) Provide expert technical help

This Club is structured on the pioneering social research experiments by Dr. Sugata Mitra – Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs) and the Granny Cloud where he demonstrated that retentive learning takes place through accidental or incidental discoveries.


With the BAMClub membership you have unlimited access to:

  1. Live AMA (ask me anything) sessions
  2. Video lessons on CAD, CAM and 3D printing
  3. Over-the-air printing capabilities

How does it work?

Leverage group think and peer group learning for your own skills development

Join the club

Become part of a elite group of tinkers, DIYers and designers.

Access lessons

CAD, CAM, techniques and design videos.

AMA sessions

Ask our expert instructors anything in our AMA (ask me anything) sessions.

3D Print

View and control 3D printers at our print farm via livestream.

5 DAY trial

We are so sure you will love it that you can join the club without even entering credit card details.

BAM Club

Become a Maker
$ 150
  • Unlimited access to daily AMA (ask me anything) sessions
  • Unlimited access to video lessons
  • Unlimited access to over-the-air 3D printing
5 day trial