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Home School Class Description

3D modeling skills will be taught using the online software TinkerCAD (free to use). Topics covered will be basic Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, object orientation, 3D model slicing, and material settings for 3d printing. 

Outline Class agenda:

  • Introduction to TinkerCad tools
  • Shaping your 3D model
  • Slicing your 3D model 
  • Orienting your 3D model on the printer build plate
  • Preparing it for printing
  • Demonstration of a 3D print 

General Notes

  • For this class, you do NOT need to create an account on TinkerCAD. Our instructor will provide you with a join code. This does not require you to enter any personal information. TinkerCAD is a free online CAD software. 
  • A 3D printer is not required to participate in this class. Your instructor will demonstrate how you can print remotely during the class session.
  • This class has 5 sessions that take place within the calendar month. After your child’s seat is confirmed, your instructor will get in touch to book the sessions. 
  • Check with your instructor for details of included prints. Costs of these sample prints are included in the cost of tuition.
  • Competency in using a computer and basic web browsing skills are essential for this class.

Parental Guidance

  • All software will be accessed online so ensure that the latest version of a web browser like Chrome or Firefox is installed on the computer. Other browsers are not recommended.
  • A computer with Windows or Apple operating systems is preferred.
  • If the student uses a Chromebook, additional support may be needed during class. For example, if links are not clickable in Zoom chat when using a Chromebook the student will need help to cut and paste that into a web browser. 
  • Touch screen tablets or phones cannot be used for this class.
  • A wired or wireless mouse is preferred. Touchpads can be challenging for first time students while they work on CAD.
  • Students who have difficulty navigating the internet or using the computer may need help from an adult or responsible guardian.

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Home School FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Our special internet-connected 3D printers can be entirely controlled through a web browser. Each printer is also equipped with a web-camera that shows the progress of a print visually via video.

Please see class description above for details of what is included in this class.

No. Our membership plans are paid using a monthly subscription. These are not available for home school families paying through vouchers/enrichment certificate/purchase orders.

Please visit the club page for details. Note that vouchers/enrichment certificate/purchase orders cannot be used to purchase membership plans.

No. However students can purchase additional prints. Estimate the cost of prints using this page.

Student 3D models will be sent to you via mail within 2 business days after class ends every Friday.