Our Vision

Provide access to making resources for everyone

Learn product design for CAD and 3D printing


Be A Maker Club is testament to the pester power of an 8 year old. Our founder’s daughter insisted that she wanted to create objects which were her own designs. When they could not find a facility nearby for children he started teaching her in their garage. This is how Be A Maker Club was started.

We worked with thousands of children helping them discover the joy of making and now apply that ‘so-easy-a-five-year-old’ can do it methodology to all our learners.



  • Social Impact Fellowship by the Kravis Lab at Claremont McKenna College
  • A textbook chapter on 3D printing in K-12 education published by Pearson in collaboration with Nova Southeastern University. Check it out here.

We are building an online infrastructure for 3D printing. Through our platform, we provide access to a learning management system, technical help from expert makers, and easy fabrication via our remote 3D print farm. Here are the 3 key features of our platform:

1. Learning Management System

Learners can access our learning management system for asynchronous learning. Each learner has their own account that they can use to keep track of the lessons they do. With their membership, each learner has access to unlimited videos and can use our ‘Course Short Cuts’ to get started.

2. Remote Print Farm

Everyone gets access to our remote print farm. You can upload their 3D model and it gets made (fabricated) remotely. Each time we make something, we capture a detailed timelapse video that our members can access. This timelapse video shows them how each layer is put down. They can learn about support structures and part positioning using this timelapse video. You can watch some examples on our YouTube channel.

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We are inspired by our students and validated by reputed academic experts.