Our Vision

Teach product design that enables students to repair, make and invent for their everyday life.


Provide access to machines and tools so makers can make whenever they want.


Be A Maker Club is a testament to the pester power of a child. Zef’s daughter insisted that she wanted to learn to use a laser engraver but when they could not find a class nearby, Zef bought one and installed it in his garage. When she took the things she made back to school, her friends wanted to make things too. And that is how Be A Maker Club was started.

zef + daughter


  • Social Impact Fellowship by the Kravis Lab at Claremont McKenna College
  • 46% of students enrolled are girls in our makerspace classes
  • A textbook chapter on 3D printing in K-12 education to be published by Pearson in collaboration with Nova Southeastern University


We believe in providing practical learning pathways for students. Additive manufacturing is creating opportunities the same way computers and the Internet did for the last 2 decades; and we want our students to be prepared for the future. We are constantly tinkering with our 3D printers to make them more accessible to our students. For example – right now we are retrofitting them with cameras so students can view their 3d prints through a web browser.