3D Printing

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No payment is due for booking the first online class.

This class is suitable for children ages 7 years to 14 years old.

Yes, access to a computer with internet access and audio capability is essential for this class. All work will be completed via a web browser and any operating system like Windows, Apple, Chromebook or Linux can be used.

Subscription FAQs

For children 7 to 14 years old

The membership includes access to our live classes for 3D printing.

Our special internet-enabled 3D printers can be entirely controlled through a web browser. Each printer is also equipped with a web-camera that shows the progress of a print visually via video.

Our research shows that it takes 6 classes to learn a 3d printing concept. Your child can attend a live class as many times as it takes to learn a concept.

Depending on the time slot, there may be up to 4 students in one class. However, 2 students is the average.

Printing costs vary based on the design your child makes. An average print costs between $5 to $10.

Each object printed will be sent to you via Priority Mail.

No, shipping is calculated on the basis of the options you choose.

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