One-on-one maker sessions

One of the biggest hurdles in design is something that is integral to the process - accepting failure. Work with an expert and expedite your making journey.

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Our makerspace classes are perfect for

Lego Enthusiasts

For the ones who like to build

Creative Types

For the ones who like to create

Future Inventors

For the ones who will invent

How it Works

Pick A Time

Pick one tutorial or ten. We recommend three but you can choose as many as you want

Meet Expert

Attend an exclusive one-on-one live online session with one of our passionate makers to make what you want


If you do not have a 3D printer, laser engraver, CNC machine just use ours and we will ship it

Prepare your child for an awesome future

Change Their World View

Make A Maker

Everything from houses, rockets, and even food is being 3D printed

Prepare them to lead the coders

Parents love be a maker club

Thousands of Makers are Inventing

Let's Get Making